The project Klimatlätt Uppsala

The purpose of the project “Klimatlätt” was to facilitate a sustainable living for people who live and work in Uppsala County. The project was mainly about spreading knowledge on sustainable lifestyles and providing feedback on behavioral changes to citizens. But it has also been about how the project’s collaborative partners can develop forms of cooperation and induce other actors to work more actively with climate change mitigation.

A major activity of the project was the development of the app “Svalna”, which calculates the user’s personal climate footprint based on detailed data on consumption. In addition, the app has a “group” feature that enables groups of people to challenge each other in reducing their climate footprint. This group function was used for a climate mitigation competition, called “climate steps”, that was developed in the project. Climate-step competitions are aimed at workplaces and are a way for employers to stimulate employees to jointly reduce their carbon footprint by inspiring and challenging each other.

Results from the project show that the digital campaign in social media reached many, especially young women, but only very few, about 2%, chose to interact with the campaign. Climate step competition at workplaces turned out to be more successful. Around 20% of the employees chose to participate and the participants were relatively equally distributed in terms of gender and age.

For the entire group of app users, the reduction in individual climate footprint was on average only 2%, a change that is not statistically significant. However, the reduction was greater, about 12%, among those who participated in climate steps competitions. This suggests that the competition concept is more efficient in prodding users to make lifestyle changes that reduce their climate footprint.